What if you could keep more of the money you earn? reduce your taxes? track expenses efficiently? connect with vendors who really help?

Federal Tax Planning

I will meet with you via zoom, phone, or in person to discuss your business and make sure I understand the details I need, then will write up a tax plan to help you save as much as I can. After I send it to you, we will have an additional meeting to make sure you understand step by step what you need to do.  The tax planning comes with a year of access to me via email as often as you want. It also comes with once a quarter meetings to discuss what you have done and what you can do to further your tax savings… and also act as an “accountability partner” to make sure you actually follow through on the plan. Finally, it comes with email reminders from me to do things like file things with the IRS and sending out documents to other people you need to send out, such as W2s or 1099’s.

New Business Consulting

If you are starting a new business or have been in business for less than a year, this is an additional service I provide to help make sure you aren’t making and haven’t made any mistakes in how you set up your business and make sure you are maximizing your tax savings from the beginning.

Real Estate Tax Planning

I have been a real estate investor since 2015, and it is the best way I have found for a non-business owner to save money on their taxes. It’s pretty good for business owners too.  If you are interested in real estate or already investing in real estate, there are many things you can do to save significant money, and I’ll help make sure you’re getting them.

As I am only licensed in Texas, I can and will only advise on Federal Law or Texas Law.
However, I can work with people in any state, and help you find the advisor you need.

Agorist Advice – for People and Businesses

Not surprisingly, I’m not a fan of the Federal Government, or as I often call them, the Federal thieves. I don’t have the expertise to fight it in the Constitutional law context, but found out in law school that I have a good head for numbers and the insanity that is the tax code, but hated the Feds so much, I didn’t even think about becoming a tax lawyer. Instead, I got a job working for another attorney in personal injury. I did get to use some of my tax knowledge in that field, eventually becoming my offices “tax man” for the rare cases where it came up.

A few years later, I got into taxes again as I was trying to save as much of my own money from the Federal thieves as I could. Through what I’ve learned through the years, I’ve saved thousands of dollars on my own taxes, including a less than 5% effective tax rate on my 2019 taxes.  Those results aren’t typical, but I realized I learned a lot.

Finally, while spending time at the Survival Podcast event in November of 2020, I realized that I knew lots of other people who could use my skills, and this was a perfect way to be an agorist and help others to avoid funding the state.

I’ve now helped multiple clients find ways to save thousands of dollars in taxes this year and every year for years into the future.  It’s a perfect win-win-win situation.  I get paid a fair amount for my expertise. You keep more money in your pocket. And the Federal thieves get less money in their pocket.

Matthew Sercely

Matthew Sercely is a graduate of the University of Dallas and attended Ave Maria School of Law and SMU School of law. He received his law license in 2009.

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He spent much of his early career working on personal injury cases, but has always had a passion for helping the little guy fight the government. Now he provides tax advice and planning to small business people and real estate investors.

Matthew and his wife have three children. He enjoys playing with his hydroponic garden, reading, swimming, and weightlifting.

“My business was growing and I realized it was time to seek advice on how to best handle taxes.  Matthew has done an excellent job creating a personalized tax plan and was very thorough in answering any questions I had.  I highly recommend his services.”

Think of Mr Sercely more as a tax coach instead of just a tax advisor. He doesn’t just write up a plan and say “Here ya go..” he is committed to actually coaching me through the plan and making sure I understand it every step along the way. He follows up, like a good coach does, and makes sure that I am executing the plan and keeps me accountable. There are plenty of available products that claim to help you reduce tax liability but what I really needed was a tax coach like Mr. Sercely.

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